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Tips for Managing Adult ADHD - coping with undiagnosed adult add

Learn what the signs and symptoms of adult ADHD look like—and what you . Hyperfocus is actually a coping mechanism for distraction—a way of tuning ADHD that is undiagnosed and untreated can have wide-reaching.

How to deal with Adult ADHD (or ADD) If you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), previously known as ADD, everything from paying the bills on time to keeping up with work, family, and social demands can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are skills you can learn.

There's been much debate as to whether adult-onset attention deficit disorder ( ADHD or ADD) is real. ADDitude readers and experts share what it felt like living with undiagnosed adult ADHD. Meds have changed my life; now I can cope!.