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Aftermath Of Man Being Sucked Into Jet Plane Engine (NSFW) – Sick Chirpse guy sucked into f-18

From getting sucked into a fighter jet engine to a misjudged landing by an approaching jet fighter, an active flight deck is a minefield of danger and accidents waiting to happen. Grace John 14,, views. 5 SCARIEST Videos Caught On Airplanes During Flights.

Incredible footage of a navy trainee on the flight deck as he gets sucked into a jet engine and Wednesday, Nov 6th 7AM 49°F 10AM 70°F 5-Day Forecast.

A US airman was sucked into the engine of a fighter jet for three minutes, and managed to survive. Lucky John Bridget, then 21, was checking the launch mechanism on an A63 Intruder during the Gulf War on February 20 And according to an account from a colleague on board.