FGFR1 and HER1 or HER2 co-amplification in breast cancer indicate poor prognosis - her 1 protein and breast cancer


HER1/EGFR Targeting: Refining the Strategy her 1 protein and breast cancer

HER protein concentrations in normal breast tissue from breast cancer patients are expressed by the same profile as in the malignant tissue. Olsen DA(1 ).

Keywords: FGFR1, HER1, HER2, breast cancer, prognosis, copy binding protein 1 together with growth factor receptor-bound protein 2 to.

78 invasive breast cancers had BrdU in vivo labelling to determine the labelling Tumours found to be positive for HER 1, 2 or 3 had significantly (p 69% higher than tumours not expressing these proteins at high levels.