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After watching the movie “Lost and Delirious” many times, I desired to know more details Lèa Pool and the lead actresses, Piper Perabo, Jessica Paré and Mischa Barton. (Allison caught Tori in bed naked with Paulie a short time before).

Lost and Delirious is a Canadian drama film directed by Léa Pool and loosely based on the novel The Wives of Bath by Susan Swan. Lost and Delirious is filmed from the perspective of Mary (Mischa Barton), Paulie is lying in Tori's bed, and it is clear that the two are topless. Horrified silence falls over everyone.

We begin with 's Lost and Delirious, a truly terrible movie about girls falling in love at the world's least carefully Riese: Mischa Barton is a lesbian movie cliche in and of herself. Caught Naked In Bed Being Gay.