Models with three boobs grace the catwalk at weird Milan Fashion Week show - breasts in fashion shows


Paris Fashion Week models flash bare breasts during Saint Laurent catwalk show - Daily Star breasts in fashion shows

A model walks the runway at the GCDS show during Milan Fashion Week on “ Three breasts is not only a 'Total Recall' homage but also a.

Designers are always pushing boundaries when they debut a new collection on the runway. Designer Giuliano Calza did just that when he sent a few models down the catwalk with prosthetic third breast for his GCDS Spring show. The Italian label, which stands for God Can’t.

Of all the things to make it down the runway during fashion week, three-breasted models may be one of the more bizarre. Italian streetwear brand GCDS sent two models down the catwalk wearing a prosthetic third breast, which you can see clearly their under cropped sports bra tops.