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Munchkin mystery solved? Men in diapers could offer clues midget clown legend

Oct 31, we dust off a classic urban legend and reanimate it with a few new endings. Leslie Holt, Hello Clown (under the umbrella), .. Or she can try to shatter him with the desk bonsai, a dwarf ficus with sad droopy leaves.

The babysitter and the man upstairs — also known as the babysitter or the sitter — is an urban legend that dates back to the s about a teenage The babysitter is then attacked by the clown, which turns out to be a murderer in disguise.

Billy Curtis was an American film and television actor with dwarfism, who had a year career This film is, as far as is known, the world's only Western with an all-midget cast. Many of the The Legend of Lylah Clare, Clown, Uncredited.