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Lady Gaga's Vagina Almost Fooled Us into Forgetting about Her Penis lady gagas vagina

Whoa there, Lady Gaga! Mother Monster may have actually given a whole stadium of people a little too much of a show on Feb. 5, when she sat.

We have long been on the hunt for a glimpse of pop culture's Loch Ness monster: Lady Gaga's penis. Last night, she tried to display her vagina again to throw us off the scent. As Gawker's Resident Vagina Expert, I zoomed in on this picture taken during her performance at The Brit.

Lady Gaga had a shock when she went to use the toilet after her showstopping appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend. She discovered her stylist, Brandon Maxwell, was so worried about an on-air wardrobe malfunction that he had glued her underwear to her private parts.